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The Topics – Reissue!

Mais um excelente trabalho de escavação por parte da Jazzman Records. Não serão raros os casos em que damos relevo a (re)edições levadas a cabo pela Jazzman, mas este  – além de recente – é um daqueles discos de arrepiar os cabelos a um careca.
Partam o vosso porquinho mealheiro e botem esta rodela a girar. Vão ver que em pouco tempo estarão a girar com ela!

PS: vai rodar muito no Magia Negra, estejam atentos!

“This LP is the perfect combination of Crossover and Modern
soul filled with strong black male group harmonies and funky instrumentation, a recording to savor the palette of soul and funk collectors across the board.  This release isn’t just about the vocalists but also the variety of talented musicians and unique instrumentation involved in creating this timeless testament to West Coast African-American consciousness of the late 70s and early 80s.

One of our key initiatives at Jazzman Records is setting the facts straight, righting the wrongs of mistaken identities and often giving previously unknown artists credit where credit is well overdue.  In this case, our main topic of discussion is The Topics and their “Wanted Live! By A Million Girls” LP.  The funky soul archaeologists here at Jazzman are extremely proud to announce this forthcoming release in our Soul Spectrum? Series.

We’ve invested all our fine tuned resources into making this LP reissue even better than the original.  All 8 tracks have been digitally remastered while all of the original LP cover art has been reproduced as an exact replica of the original LP issued in the early 1980s.  You may try your hand at obtaining an off condition copy in the 1,000GBP price range or file our brilliant limited edition reissue with a bonus extensive liner notes insert in your collection for only a fraction of the price.

As group harmony and soul groups go, in many cases, there are some very popular group names, popular to the point of redundancy.  Often the same name was used by different, multiple groups all around the country, round about the same time, coincidentally unbeknownst to one another.  While the artists didn’t intend to be any less unique than others sharing the same name, this duplicity has caused quite a bit of debate and confusion for record collectors over the years.

The mystery of this rather ambiguously designed Modern Soul LP has haunted collectors for decades.  Now for the first time ever, we can finally confirm that this specific West Coast group is (from Fresno, CA and) only recorded on the Token and NCS labels and is not to be confused with any other groups of the same name who recorded on the Heavy-Duty, Dream, TSG, Noodle, Carnival, Chadwick, Mercury, Castle and Brother III labels.”

taken from Jazzman Records

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Magia Negra Mixtape #9 | DubLab mix !

We asked our friends at dublab to make an exclusive mix for us and they did!
We proudly bring you the result, directly from LA, the dublab mix!

Make sure you tune into DUBLAB!

dublab is a non-profit web radio collective devoted to the growth of positive music, arts and culture. We have been broadcasting independently since 1999. Our audience of turned-on listeners connect from around the world. dublab’s mission is to share beautiful music via the world’s best djs. What you hear on dublab crosses genres and defies classification. Unlike traditional radio, the dublab djs have total freedom of selection. You will experience many different sounds, but find they all have the same soulful root. We have extended our creative action to include art exhibits, film projects, event production and record releases.

A special thank you to Ale! You’re the man!

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Magia Negra Mixtape #8 | The Rum Cove Mix | Southern Soul Experience

We are proud to bring you a selection made by Robin Tomlin aka The Rum Cove!
He broadcasts an R&B show on WTJU FM called Soulful Situation for 15 years now and is a DJ Soul/Funk dance parties in VA, DC, NY and New Orleans too. This exclusive selection includes music recorded for some of his favorite Southern Soul record lablels at his favorite Southern recording studios. The labels are Stax/Volt (of course) Sound Stage 7/77, Jewel/Paula/Ronn, Fame, Duke/Back Beat, Bell/Mala/Amy and SSS international/Silver Fox/Mineret.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy The Rum Cove!!

Thank you, Robin – you’re the man!

boy named sue

10 delicious funk 45’s by A Boy Named Sue

Depois de 10 maravilhosas escolhas num espectro mais associado à soul, o Magia Negra pediu a Tiago André ou A Boy Named Sue  [] para deambular um pouco pelo funk e alguns dos seus 45′ preferidos. Eis os temas escolhidos para abanar a anca:

After 10 wonderful choices associated with the soul spectrum, Magia Negra asked Tiago André aka A Boy Named Sue to walk on by the funk with some of his 45′ favorite. Shake your hips:

Chakachas – Jungle Fever

Betty Davis – Anti Love Song

The Meters – Look-Ka Py Py

Bob & Earl – Harlem Shuffle

Andre Williams – Sweet Little Pussycat

James Brown – The Popcorn

War – Me & Baby Brother

Sugarman 3 – Soul Donkey

Joe Bataan – Chick-A-Boom

Arthur Conley – Funky Street

Music From the Depths of Groove


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